About Us

A leading consulting and software services company

Strom Solutions delivers end-to-end digital transformation solutions and technology services, ranging from ideation to designing and from development to deployment.

Whether you are a start-up or well-established organization willing to up-scale your business, We offer unmatched services capable of giving a cutthroat competition to the existing market with a revolutionary technological change.

We have always shared every bit of success in achieving every single milestone, and accomplishing project deliverables with both clients and employees. We want to see our clients grow, irrespective of whether they are newly found ventures, businesses striving to outperform the competition, or established organizations looking to sustain their positions.


Our Ethics

Driving innovation through new-age technology

We have discovered what is important to us. Our core values, therefore, are an unwavering guide that directs and dictates our behaviour.

  • Innovation

    No two clients need the same thing. Therefore, we will innovate new solutions for each new project.

  • Integrity

    Whether it is the client’s proprietary information or knowledge about their business strategy, we will handle all information with the utmost care and confidentiality.

  • Allegiance

    We link our success with that of our clients so that our success follows their success.

  • Trust

    We value our client’s trust in us, which is earned over time through earnest performance. We are committed to upholding this trust throughout our engagement.