Better Education System for a Better Tomorrow

Rightly said, 'Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today', the education sector is foreseeing a huge transformation for the better future of students. It is escalating to make life easier for students and teachers by promoting engagement, collaborations, communication, and efficiency.

Technology is introducing tech-based solutions to address the issue of teacher burnout and student's anxiety. It offers numerous opportunities for getting actively involved in the learning experience.

Gaming technology making the learning fun

Looking at the obsession of students towards gaming, developers have come up with the gamification approach that allows deep learning through video game design and other gaming elements that allow the students to analyze their performance with the help of a data analytics algorithm.

Key Challenges in the Educational Industry

  • Too many cooks spoil the broth
    The competitive Edtech industry is offering a wide range of solutions, which is making it difficult for parents to choose from. The clarity on the same is difficult to come unless huge research is done. Also, for educators to make the choice of the service provider is a cumbersome task.
  • Big-Data related ethical policy concerns
    Big-data no doubt have positive learning outcomes; however, the ethics of maintaining privacy seems to be discouraged, since the access of student's data for research purposes is increasingly becoming a matter of concern amongst many parents.
  • Rising education cost crashing the dreams
    The rising education cost is making parents rethink. Many institutions are beyond the reach of the common man. Besides this, the privatization of higher education has led to a rise in profit-hungry businessmen. With the government spending less money on higher education, the universities have to seek an alternative source of funding, which is increasing the burden on parents.