Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Industry

Adaptation is the key to winning and thriving. Embracing technological trends is an undeniable fact in the manufacturing industry. Technology is reshaping the industry across all fronts from strategic to operational transformations. In the technology-driven economy and customers becoming smarter, it became essential for manufacturers to offer connected products to its customers, which is possible with the help of smart manufacturing facilities.

Technology has enabled them to design smart and intelligent operations that increase the speed, decrease the cost of production, and open up new revenue streams.

The performance pressure is imposing manufacturers to seek control over all their operations from raw material to value chain; therefore they are adopting smarter ways like vertical integration, technological-integration, and Intelligent supply chain management to improve efficiency.

Emerging Manufacturing Trends

From Intelligent manufacturing to intelligent supply chain management, technological advancements are synchronizing various business functions and providing real-time visibility to manufacturers. They are enabling users to work faster and smarter to meet evolving consumer needs.

Key Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

  • Big data posing big challenges
    The insufficiencies in standard data management are forcing companies to manage a large amount of data unnecessarily; also, the responsibility of securing and controlling such data impose an additional burden on the manufacturers.
  • Cybersecurity challenging the reputation
    Technology increases vulnerability and risk. Hackers are targeting the production facilities to identify the security holes, which is not only harming the individual but also the reputation of the producer.
  • Project management enhances rigidity
    The projects in the manufacturing industry are highly sensitive to cost, time, and quality, which makes them rigid and highly controlled. In order to manage the project effectively, modern automation software can be of great help.