Rediscover the Latest Retail Technology Trends and Challenges

With the evolving needs of shoppers, the retail industry is trying hard to catch up with technology and new shopping behaviors. The revolution in retail practices over a decade with the advancement and integration of technology is worth appreciating. Experts believe the sustainability of a dynamic retail market structure is possible with the adoption of technology and digital trends.

The smart shoppers are exploring customized experiences and looking forward to interacting with their favorite brands, which is changing the game in the retail industry.

The changing customer behavior is well recognized by e-commerce, which capitalizes on the consumer behavior of buying the discounted product, regardless of its immediate necessity. Thus, the business model is changing with more focus on quantity to boost sales and conversion rates. The e-commerce retail industry has clearly a long way to go and has become the 'new normal'.

Emerging Retail Technology Trends

The technology is transforming the shopping and retail operations dramatically. Be it speed, or agility, the emerging trends in the retail industry is changing the game entirely and forcing it to speed up.

Key Challenges in the Retail Industry

  • Machine Learning algorithms creating a barrier to innovation
    Machine Learning Algorithms usually require huge data to arrive at useful insight, so the retail industry is finding it difficult and expensive to acquire, use, and host big data. The larger the retail ecosystem, the greater its vulnerability. The solutions to combat this challenge can be developed with advanced machine learning solutions that will remove the barriers to innovation.
  • Consumer spoiled for choice
    The growing competition has spoiled the choices of the consumer, which makes it difficult for the retail industry to attract the right customer, generate traffic, capture leads, and convert visitors to customers.
  • Abandoning shopping cart adding to the woes
    The retail industry (E-Commerce) is witnessing a high number of shopping cart abandonment issues, which is resulting in losses. The well-designed check-out process may be helpful and convert this challenge into sales.