Cyber security consulting services

Information Security has become a key requirement to businesses and governments. To handle the challenge, we provide a roadmap of initiatives, supporting the decision-making process and investments of your business.

We help you define a comprehensive cyber security strategy that prioritizes your investments and stays aligned with security capabilities and strategic imperatives of the organisation. We create sustainable solutions for your foundational capabilities for operational discipline.

We maintain your business agility so that the value of our client’s information is always protected.

Identifying and prioritizing cyber risks allow organizations to use the facts to support internal alignment and acquire necessary funding to enable change. We help you achieve this with the help of consultants who operate alongside your internal team as trusted advisors.

Why choose us?

A quick and efficient response to a cyberattack can save you time and money in the long run. Our consulting services allow you to determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach quickly, and to better prepare for the inevitable incident.

Cybersecurity consulting covers all aspects of strategy, governance, risk, compliance and assurance. Strom Solutions provides consulting and professional services with a global team of experienced cyber security specialists.

  • Build Security In
    Service engagement pairing you with specialized security experts, architects, and integrators to get the right advice.
  • Maximize ROI from Technology Investments
    In-depth planning and advisory service to help you ensure you are augmenting your investments made in security controls.
  • Implement Controls
    Hands-on engagements to put new capabilities to work and uplift your security posture.
  • Continual Improvement
    Ongoing operations support, if desired, to continually improve your security maturity.